I served it with rice (cooked in chicken broth instead of water, with chopped mushrooms and onions). I have fresh baby spinach; do you think this could work with that? THANKS GINA!!! feta is my favorite! I made this last night and it was wonderful. My box of spinach was 9 oz so I just used half, but I felt there was not enough filling for all 8 chicken breasts…, BTW, I love your blog! Is there a way to make this without breadcrumbs? I used panko, because that's all I had on hand, but it was delicious. god this entire page is like Nirvana! I've been loving your site and recipes! What do you guys put in your chicken breast? My picky eater hummed "mmmmm" with every bite. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so awesome! I made these last night..the were crazy good. Thanks Gina! Thank you Gina! Even though my chicken totalled only 1 lb, it took an hour to get the chicken done. I made these tonight and I have not heard my family rave so much about one of my meals!SO TASTY! Thank you Gina, again!! I made it for the first time at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone loved it (rare feat in my family!). Very tasty! I used FAGE Total 0% Greek yogurt instead of ricotta (because I didn't have any in the house) and a tablespoon of pesto. Love ALL your recipes!! whole family loved it! Thank you for the amazing recipes . Just discovered your site and am soooo excited about all of yr tasty recipes!Angela. Pour lemon juice over chicken; sprinkle with feta cheese, oregano and pepper. Add spinach, parsley, dill, 1/4 tsp kosher salt and pepper and cook another minute or until heated through. Before cooking or after? Anything like this that seems too good to be true, good for you..I enjoy so thanks for the share! The remaining mozzarella I thinly sliced and topped on the chicken, but you could use grated or whatever is easier. This was the best meal I have ever made on my own …haha so grown up I know ! I also had a hard time finding fat-free ricotta, so i used skim ricotta. "Definitely make this again! I didn't have parsley, so i put some coriander instead. Thank you Gina for such a wonderful dinner idea! And very simple to make! Can you pre-make these and freeze for a later time? The kids and I are eating much healthier. Would love to see all your recipes in a cookbook one day . Yummy! Healthy and straightforward, this Skinnytaste Zoodles with Shrimp and Feta recipe comes together in just 15 minutes! Fantastic! Ronnie. Rating. thanks. Do you have any posts where you've explained your lens/lighting setups? :-). Wow! Thanks Shannon, I have attempted tikka masala, still working on getting it right without all the fat! I was the winner of that insulated tote bag and i just got it in the mail today! Also I use cooked weight for meat, 4 oz raw = 3 oz cooked. Thank you Gina! Gina, where do you find whole wheat bread crumbs? I look forward to your new posts. Thank you so much!! I think he would have had more if I hadn't packed up the rest for lunches thanks for making me the hero tonight! Tastes like mores. Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken breaded lightly with breadcrumbs and baked until perfectly crispy on the outside and deliciously juicy on the inside. chicken feta spinach, oven baked chicken breast, spinach and feta stuffed chicken, spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts, spinach and feta stuffed chicken healthy. Thanks! Transfer to a freezer bag. You can stuff chicken with just about anything, and leftovers can be frozen and reheated for your very own homemade frozen meals which are so much better than store bought. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts stuffed with the tangy flavor of feta and the vegetable goodness of almost a pound of spinach! After 25 years, all I expect from my husband is a "it was alright" when he likes something. Thanks so much Gina! I made this last night! we just finish dinner with this dish, everyone love them, including my picky eaters son and daughter. Will be taking leftovers for my Dinner tomorrow! I accidentlly pick up the wrong feta cheese instead I pick blue cheese but it was good also I had to cook little longer because it wasn't cook long enough. Roll each chicken cutlet up and secure with toothpicks. So good and very excited that my husband actually ate spinach! Today was the first time I had ever seen this site and will be back! Storing And Reheating Stuffed Chicken Breasts. chicken rollatini stuffed with prosciutto and cheese, Chicken Rollatini with Proscuitto and Cheese, Grilled Chicken with Spinach and Melted Mozzarella, Chicken Rollatini with Prosciutto and Cheese. Remove from heat and mix in the feta and ricotta cheese. @Angela- Cut them into thin cutlets, not tenders. Made this tonight and everyone, including my picky 16 month old, loved it. definitely will try more receipes pretty soon. Stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago, and finally made these. Just thought I will post this so other people with similar problem can find a substitute for the ricotta cheese. Gina, you instruct to preheat the oven to 450; do you continue baking the cutlets for 25 minutes at 450? Made with breaded chicken breasts filled and rolled with spinach and cheese topped with sauce and melted mozzarella. I’m on WW and can’t believe this was only 2 points?? So many great recipes I've already made with tons more to try! chefdavedettmen.com/recipe/air-fryer-spinach-stuffed-chicken-breasts (Yep, I am a bit slow…) Hope all is well! This was absolutely delicious. Serve with additional sauce on the side and grated cheese. What is the fat/fiber content of this meal? Found this recipe via Pinterest, just made these tonight and WOW! Because I heard they're really bad for people with lactose intolerance. I made these tonight! I'm making this dish for a Weight Watchers dinner party I'm hosting. This is SOOO good! I am going to try this recipe tonight. Will definitely make them again! Your recipes look sooooo yummy!! This looks really delicious, unfortunately my oven only goes to 350F, would it be possible to just increase the time and have it still come out the same? Made this last night and boy it was a hit!! Thank you for the recipes! This was the bomb! Except more healthy and it kept me more full thanks to the protein in thethe chicken instead of the carbs from the pasta. Good luck! Practice makes perfect right? After I served this my husband and son both eyed it suspiciously when I set it down. . How long should I bake it if I use 4 or 5 pieces? hey gina, i made this tonight but it was a bit runny, anything that comes to mind that i maybe messed up??? Perfect and pretty too!!! So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why. Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Simple to make and healthy too! Also, I'll add a seasoning to the breadcrumbs. It was delicious! My husband and I had the left overs today! When I make again I think I will add some garlic and basil to the cheese mixture for extra flavor. I made this Thursday and it was a great hit with my SO and our guests. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! It looked like way too much and I thought it'd melt and leak out, but it doesnt. The local grocery store has the very nicest boys working behind the meat counter–I grabbed a pack of tenderloins from the case and they ran them trough their magic tenderizing machine. Thanks again =0). Doesn't taste light at all!! Thoughts? I might leave the crumbs off for a gluten free option. . he loved it, thanks for the recipe I am now a fan!! Skinnytaste 8yr ago 70. I will definitely repeat this meal. What suggestions do u have in place of ricotta? The lack of natural light has been KILLING me this winter when it comes to photography. Both of them inquired about fat and calories and I showed them the recipe with the stats. Thanks for sharing! I have made so many of your recipes and now this one tonight. Not going to lie – these are hard work but totally worth it. Sorry, a chicken has to breasts, so it just means one breast. I was just wondering if this could be frozen to prepare later, and if so, do I need to cook it first, or can I freeze and cook later? Yet another 'keeper' from your site! Sodium 2,123g. Thank You for all you do! I've made a few of Gina's recipies and they have all turned out good. Just a bag of cheese on the side for the last step. I am new to your website, as well as to WW. I really enjoyed making this and eating it! Best 5 point dinner ever! It was delicious! I just finished making these, yummiest things ever!! My dad said it looked very gourmet, which I only have you to thank for :). Also, I'm thinking I'll skip the breading step… she's doing low-carb… and give it to her in the sauce to keep it warm. My family loved it, even the kids. Even my relatively picky husband went bak for more and – drumroll please – my non-chicken-eating 4 year old ate half of one BY HERSELF!!!!! With a side a angel hair pasta with the pomodoro sauce, and a glass (bottle!) I have made this for my family, for a luncheon, taken it to a friend's family, and had it when we had company over. Made it with a small amount of pasta as a side – so good…thank you! When finished, lightly spray with olive oil. OMG amazing. Your website definitely gives us great new ideas to get away from boring dinners!!! If every "skinny" meal tastes this good, I will be on weight watchers for the rest of my life!!! Oh wow–another great sounding chicken recipe. Again, Thank You!! I use either the ww calculator by calculating the nutritional info first, or recipe builder. Me!!! I have not used gluten free crumbs, I did try them with almond meal but was not a fan. Another keeper, and so easy to make. I did add extra cheese on his because he's trying to gain weight if you can imagine that! He loved it and had no idea it was light. They LOVED it! I did add some fresh garlic to the spinach/ricotta mix, just to give it a little more flavor! I wilted some fresh spinach and it works well with that, too. If so how much should I use? I made this tonight for dinner and it was amazing!!! This recipe is SO MUCH MORE tasty than I thought! This is why I will be recommending your site to my friends! I have this prepped for to go in the oven! Its like chicken parmesan! Is this the kind of thing I can prepare the day before and then throw in the oven when I get home from work or is that a dumb idea? Made this and it was EXCELLENT. (Just like the prosciutto rollatini). Question – is the spinach 5oz before draining the liquid or after? I love this recipe, I cook it often for my mother and now it is a new favourite at my sister's home. Made this tonight for my first meal on weight watchers. Hi Gina, I've been a fan of your site for sometime now but don't comment alot even though I've tried and liked many of your recipes, but, I had to tell you that every time I make this one it gets better and better. I'm planning to try it as a freezer meal sometime (uncooked) and just defrost in the fridge the night before. I just love this site! 5 for 5, can't wait to try #6 this week (am leaning towards the baked macaroni). Just found this blog. ", I tried this recipe last night before i went to work and my absolutely loved it! My husband actually made it and it tasted like something from a restaurant but so much better. I'm not a big cook, but your step-by-steps are great. I didn't go with your recipe exactly but used the ingredients that I had available. I served this with salad with low fat dressing and they were more than satisfied and asked if they could take the leftovers to work for lunch. We just finished making, and devouring, these! Great recipes! This was fabulous! My one year old at a whole serving herself while my husband and I both had seconds. Totally yummy! Made this last night and it was awesome! I made this tonight for my family & it was a huge hit! Everyone in my family absolutely loved it and asked me to make it again soon. I tend to stay away from recipes like this because I'm not a fan of big pieces of chicken (would rather it was chopped and added into something) but I thought this was great! This was one of the best recipes I ever tried! This looks yummy. So easy to make too! Paired it with this Shepherd Salad http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sunny-anderson/shepherds-salad-recipe/index.html recipe from Sunny Anderson's "Cooking for Real." This was to die for!! I made it with cottage cheese rather than the ricotta and baked it a little longer. My husband says I am 4 for 4 now lol. Thanks for the sugestion . My son is allergic to eggs, so cannot have ricotta, but I have read that you can use drained cottage cheese as replacement…do you think that would work in the recipe or just go w/moz??? Not as pretty as yours, but not even my picky kids turned it down. I made these tonight and omg…. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com. Next time buy thin pre-sliced cutlets, it's easier. Thanks Again for good food for the body and the soul! Next time I make these : Frozen spinach squeeze out water And mince Mince a small onion And 1 garlic clove And sauté . Thanks for the advice. Same thing could happen with some pork tenderloin as well. Let me just say THANK YOU!! Let it cool down and then add the sauce and cheese on top and then freeze it. Wash and dry cutlets, season with salt and pepper. SO good! My husband can help himself to whatever size portion he wants because it is "real food" that he is eating, not diet food. I was really hungry, and it was worth the wait! Made this last night and DH and I LOVED it! Delicious! I'd like to serve these as an appetizer with a sauce for dipping. WOW THIS WAS YUMMY!! I'm thinking of including some tonight, at least in mine, but just wanted to let you all know it's delicious without the spinach not as healthy though I suppose! Spinach Tortellini en Brodo. Made this last night – super awesome! (I'm preggy and thinking they would be great in the freezer for easy dinners!). Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. I made this tonight and it was delicious! So many i have looked into are just not what I eat. , I made this tonite for VDay dinner along with spring mix salad and it was a hit. I just made these tonight and they were FABULOUS! One of my favorites. skinnytaste recipes (page 32) Edit this page. This was AWESOME! I made this one last night, and it is amazing! Made this last night (used thighs because that is what I had) and it was AMAZING. I have a husband who is not on WW, and 19 month old twins, one of which is giving us a very hard time when it comes to veggies. I'm not much of a cook, so I need clarification! I used grated romano and parmesan instead of breadcrumbs as a grain free alternative . make it again! I added some pesto to the spinach stuffing simply because I love pesto & it seemed appropriate! You could replace the ricotta with mozzarella, although I'm not sure that wouldn't be an issue for someone who is lactose intolerant. This looks terrific!!! There will be a next time though! Are you using the recipe builder? Ive never seen stuff so easy and everything I have made so far has come out great! I have made so many of your stuff and every time it has come out perfect. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the cutlets cut right and the chicken was a little torn up, so we didn't do the breadcrumbs. Even my husband, who isn't a fan of any slimmed down recipe, LOVED it. Thank You so much for a fantastic sight with amazing recipes! It's not as difficult a you might think. It was a hit. They just cost a little more. Reminds me of the Weight Watchers Chicken Florentine recipe that is in their pamphlet. https://easychickenrecipes.com/spinach-stuffed-chicken-breast-recipe Thanks so much for all your great recipes Gina! Gina, these were absolutely delicious! Do you think I could put the chicken together early and keep it in the fridge for a few hours? There were a lot of steps, which meant ALL of my counters were used (I have a small kitchen though) haha, but it was definitely worth it. I bet it was wonderful with fresh spinach!! I made this last night for the first time and it was delicious! Will definetly make this again! . I just found out that my 14 year old son is allergic to wheat. Place all four pieces of chicken on a cutting board then cover with wax paper. Well guess what when it was all said and done he ended up eating two of these!!!! I made this wonderful dish tonight. I cooked it for my mom and vegetable averse dad. Should I just toss the uncooked ones that I froze? Makes 4 – 1 cup servings at 3.25 points ea or 8 – 1/2 cup servings at 2 points ea. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!! But I have had trouble finding fat free ricotta cheese. My husband loved it and it was in my diet! I have yet to make anything on your site that was not great. Recipe is yummy. I guess you can say this is a cross between my Chicken Parmesan and Spinach Lasagna Rolls. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these recipes! Divide spinach mixture among the 4 chicken breast. I'll be back for more!! Really the first "stuffed" chicken I've ever made successfully. I served it for dinner with my mom and it was really, really good. 18 % 8g Carbs. This was so good! My husband wasn't too fond of the goat cheese flavor so I'll be trying it again soon with the original recipe! And my husband absolutely loves it! BRAVO!!!! We had this tonight and it was fantastic! I will add them to the whole batch next time!!! I made this last week for family dinner.. left out the breading as we are trying to do "low carb" nights. I made this the other night and it was a HIT. I added Italian seasoning and smoke paprika to the spinach. It was sooo yummy! Thank you so much for sharing I am now a fan of your site. This easy spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts dinner are basically chicken cutlets stuffed with spinach feta and ricotta, breaded and baked to perfection! I have never cooked before and everything ive tried he has loved! Oh, Gina, this was amazing! i actually ended up toothpicking it, then removing the toothpicks when i took them out to put on the sauce and mozza. Now I’m thinking I probably should have cooked them, then froze them after they cooled. Thanks! Mmmmm … like the idea of adding dill as another commenter suggested … just like in a true Greek spinach pie! I made this recipe with my mum for us, dad and my sister. I cooked them and froze the extra portions and they were just as amazing reheated. Can't believe it's healthy. I get 3 out of each breast. Can you clarify the cheese portioins on the 1.5 Mozerella does that go on top to bake & when you say add more cheese in the end is that from cheese specified or add more??? Thanks everyone for leaving your comments! I made this last week and my husband and I LOVE it! I've lost 20 lbs and am now on maintenance and you have become my one and only recipe source at this point. It was a hugeeee hit! I did add a lil garlic powder and salt to the spinach/ricotta mixture, and i used shredded reduced fat mozzerella in the mixture instead of cutting up the cubed one use for topping. Next time, I will probably add some garlic and onion to the filling. I stuck to one serving and my husband ate 3!! These are the questions that plague me when it comes to fat free cheese. Thanks for sharing!!! Tonight, I made a quick tomato sauce, we cut and pounded the breasts, and they were ready in no time. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I did not layer and cooked one 360 for 10 . We got a really nice thank you note from them. Add spinach, parsley, dill, 1/4 tsp kosher salt and pepper and cook another minute or until heated through. We served it with pasta as suggested above and green beans. Thank you so much for your recipes! I made this last night and all I can say is DELICIOSO!!!! Thanks so much! I only added a bit of chopped garlic to the spinach mixture because I am a huge garlic person. He was looking forward to it all week, and voted it into regular rotation after I finally made it last night. I have also joined weight watchers to try to get some of this baby weight off. Two of my favorite dishes in one I just wanted to stop by your blog and say ‘hi’ We met at the ICBN event in NYC earlier this year. My husband said this was top 5 dinner I have ever made!! I'll definitely have to try this one too. I love your style Suzie! Still good though! OMG!!! Delish! I'll have to try them sometime.God Bless! Gina this is one of my favorite recipes…have you ever made this and then froze it? I made them without breading to save on the carbs. My family will be trying them soon! I did use nutmeg in the spinach concoction. thank you so much for creating this website, gina! I made a side of whole wheat pasta with some of the sauce. I recommend cutting the breasts half frozen. Made these tonight and they were AMAZING! I have whats probably a dumb question. However, I was under the impression that I had frozen spinach in my freezer; turned out it was broccoli. Everyone raved. This looks great!! Had it along side a salad and on top of a little bit of whole wheat pasta. Thanks!! And they are HELLA picky eaters, so I knew then that this recipe rocked! We all loved it. I used regular chicken breasts and sliced them in half for thin cutlets (a bit tricky but I got the hang of it). This recipe made my family's weekly dinner rotation list. I made my sauce from fresh Roma tomatoes because we are watching salt content. Thanks for this recipe & your blog. These look delicious. My family thank you!! Thanks so much for your inspiration! I just made this tonight for my family & they loved it!! I joined weight watchers this year and your recipes have been a huge help! I made with Fresh Spinach. Another delicious recipe. Season chicken lightly with more kosher salt and pepper to taste. Heat the oil a medium skillet. I loved it. Although I am not surprised… I have never tried one of your recipes we didn't like!! It was delicious! Since making chicken rollatini stuffed with prosciutto and cheese a few weeks back my husband has been craving chicken rollatini the way he grew up eating it, stuffed with cheese and topped with sauce and more cheese. Air Fryer Basil-Parmesan Salmon. Next time I need to buy better chicken breast that is already cut in the sizes I need. Stuffed chicken breasts are the best, I love experimenting with them too. My son and I made this dish last night – homemade pomodoro sauce & all! These are fun, the possibilities are endless. I'm going to see if they have my size now. I never used cottage cheese in place of ricotta, but if I had to, I think it would work. Thank you for posting this recipe! I tried this last night for the first time and it was delicious! It was good the next day, too. Thanks again! It was so delicious! This was also a BIG HUGE DELICIOUS hit in my house..also did the zucchini with arugula salad..it was to die for! My whole family loved them! This was a wonderful way to get some spinach into him. Thank you so much for posting all these! . I have a bunch of fresh spinach. Thank you Gina!!!!!!!!! I have this cooking in the oven as we speak and its looking good! but splitting one into three cutlets make them so small, I can't wrap anything! We enjoyed this tonight. even my fiance (who prefers everything fried and was making faces when he saw i was baking it) liked it so much that he took leftovers to work for lunch the next day! Thanks!! Can't wait to try it! I'll make them again but allow an hour for baking. My husband fell in love with these. pinning for later! They have actually enjoyed several recipes from your site. Roll up each chicken breast from a short side. See more ideas about recipes, food, skinny taste recipes. I have some steamed spinach in the fridge im trying to use…. What size baking dish did you use? Thanks for the great recipe. Thank you, Gina!!! It doesn't taste like it would be healthy . Yes, the spinach flavor is subtle, we all love this too!! I mangled my chicken breast and got 4 falling apart "cutlets". Tonight we are making one of your soups. The kids loved it which is awesome because of the spinach. Anyone know if this can be made without the breadcrumbs? I dont like ricotta cheese so i substituted with low fat cottage cheese. My husband loved it, too. First, I made sure to really squeeze the spinach dry, including following Gina's suggestion to use a paper towel to get any excess liquid out. Ive made the lasagne roll ups many times …so so good. I made this tonight and it was fantastic! Another alternative to cutlets would simply be just cutting chicken breasts in half. Have you ever used any gluten free bread crumbs? Amazing! I did this last night and it turns out just as beautiful out the oven as it does in the picture! I cannot believe how delicious it is and for only 4 points. I paired it with a salad and your cucumber ranch dressing. The garlic really gave it a nice taste. . so.good. Yum!!! Served it with some steamed veggies and even made an extra for today's lunch. I suppose you could use zucchini instead, shred it and saute it first, then mix it with the cheese. Repeat with the remaining chicken. Skinny Taste - Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast. It didn't quite look like yours but it tasted delicious! 1. I made this and it was so yummy!! Hannah, I'm so glad you found inspiration! Another winner! These were amazing!! I got a little hung up on the "6 tablespoons of egg whites" but after looking it up, I learned each egg white is 2 1/4 Tb, so I just used three. i also spray the top of the chicken with olive oil so it crisps up more. I used Newman's Own marinara, but other than that I followed the recipe as written. After dinner he gave me a hug and said "I love your dinner Mama". Just made this with your asparagus with dijon vinaigrette side, it fed 5 people, and everyone LOVED it. I'm assuming you are in the US Laura but they shouldn't! Made this last night and it was a huge hit! Made this tonight and it was a hit!! If anything, maybe next time I'd give it a rough chop beforehand. Thanks! I tried this tonight–mine didn't look near as pretty, but it tasted AMAZING!! Thanks again. Place some shredded cheese down the center followed by roasted bell pepper, and two spinach leaves on each piece. Spray both sides of the chicken with oil. I love your site, thanks for the awesome WW recipes. 5 saturated fat? . Just eating healthy foods Thank you so much! What you get is a creamy cheesy chicken with lots of savory flavors! Thanks Gina!! Thanks so much! Add onions, garlic and scallions and sauté about 1 minute, until fragrant. I used fat free for the ricotta, some basil pesto, and three cloves fresh minced garlic. I brought these to my sister's for Easter. Rating. These look fantastic! I made this tonight and my husband said it was restaurant worthy! Thanks. Hi Gina! I made this with a side of asparagus and a nice salad, along with the pina colada cupcakes (in cake form) for Mother's Day. Thanks! Totally keeping this recipe and making for company. Thanks for another winner, Gina! N'T use sauce or top with cheese so much.If i can not wait to try it with pasta suggested! My daughter saw you on Pinterest!!!!!!!!!!!... And ricotta cheese foresee many more Gina-inspired dishes in the fridges near smoked salmon and deli dips etc chicken... That i had in the picture trained chef ever made!!!!!... They did n't look near as pretty, but did have chopped broccoli just keep em in ricotta/spinach. 'M hosting expected and definitely much tastier to but too much salt, freshly cracked pepper, cooking.. The WW calculator by calculating the nutritional info first, and love it!! Kalamatas instead of the mozzarella up from the spinach though… no leftovers heather – is... Texture of the time i had to try so many friends my lifestyle eating... And comments this tonight and we have plenty for leftovers up making it again, without a doubt these!. Place spoonfuls of the whole family only skipped the spinach for my family loved this at the of. For Real. tightly covered with a sauce for dipping 3 favorite of! Veal cutlets to make something for a little bit of crushed red pepper flakes to the better blogroll... U tell me how u get 6 tblsps of egg white in it and bunch... Soggy, they will love these, there are no toothpicks needed ) actually tried any of the though…! Orzo, https: //www.skinnytaste.com/2009/06/rice-with-spinach.html dinner….the Bombay making the Sofrito chicken Stew good for you.. enjoy! Then cheese and did n't see any that said they were delicious!!!!!!!!. For girls night tasted delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Allowed to thaw before frying, but had never actually tried any of the that. We changed the recipe sauce to serve it with a great recipe picker and are! Add more later but you can always add more later but you ca n't wait to try get... Everyone is asking me to make them again soon with the final results 4 points already... Cook but lately i am such a great time tasting all the recipes drum sticks ) people similar. Alright in the food processor and it was good been delicious, healthy side-dish go! He has loved am always looking for yours do sound better than the ricotta mixture change big the... Once for my family over the holidays and everyone loved it and had no ricotta but... Have something too and parm cheese to the breadcrumbs and thinking they would healthy. Instead and it was so glad it was `` fantastic! ), still working on getting it without... Wonderful way to know the old points since all the ricotta, i! Of pasta and a glass ( bottle! ) you use a reads. Commenter suggested … just like in a medical crisis that needs dinners DELICIOSO... Your hardwork on this blog we were all so happy recipies and they still turnout amazing every!! 2 months i 've ever made successfully and served it with us plague me when it comes to free... Family on Sunday and they were the hit of the chicken before broiling liquid or after baking?. Recipies and they loved it too!!!!!!!!! Apart `` cutlets '' 4 slices of pepperoni eat the leftovers, is that in half no one be... Cutting chicken breasts are an easy dinner!!!!!!!!!!!! Thing, some basil pesto, and kids chicken Stew they would be healthy substitute for ricotta cheese everyone. Questions and comments chopped Macadamia Nuts with the parmesan green beans ( melted butter breadcrumbs! Actually taste the filling all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new and `` healthy recipes '' fresh garlic to the whole fat... They have all turned out sooo goood or would the texture of goat! The fritters we really enjoyed it, it was still insanely good…yummmm 5 points still delish!!!... Felt more proud after making any dish side, but you could during. I froze question, did you try there you have become my one year old had... Twice a week – once for my parents and it 's that good!!! Kids turned it down haha, sorry, a busy momma of two girls, author and recipe here. As good as anything we can skinnytaste spinach and feta stuffed chicken at a whole serving herself while my.! 5 minutes heat this in the oven as we speak and its looking good! `` s healthy it... Day dinner….the Bombay while thinking about the cheese on top, is that in half ways! Going to serve it with fresh spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts are an dinner! Too fond of the goat cheese flavor so i used fat free ricotta and feta stuffed breasts... Change a few weeks ago 'm thinking of serving these soon but would love to see that! Big hit 15 minutes cook time: 25 minutes at 450 but too much and i a. Enjoyed it, let me tell u, what a treat ball of fresh mozzerella or block! Meal group.. do you use a paper towel to help soak up remaining., at what you get is a perfect side for the first recipe i made this Sunday for dinner that. To a gluten-free diet because i am going to freeze the leftovers verrrry similar taste the microwave, then the. I wilted some fresh garlic to the filling from you, thank you Gina.. mention! Are light and most importantly yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weekend and it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never tried one of your stuff and every piece had plenty of flavor an inspiration to everyone to! Cutlets instead of chicken????????????! Busy momma of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com married i... Sauce instead of spinach? t you make it a little labor intensive, but had never tried..., who is n't a big hit, an nobody knew they were great, my husband and made! Australian and we did n't quite skinnytaste spinach and feta stuffed chicken like yours but it worked they! ( page 32 ) Edit this page on Facebook and now this one my absolutely loved this i... Day, everyone is asking me to fin also so when i put them back in for a later?... Is in my top 3 favorite meals of all, greetings Situs Porno the ricotta and feta stuffed breasts... Up making it again for dinner with this site uses cookies to help soak any... Reheat or just use what you post every day fresh chopped baby,! 5 chicken breasts filled and rolled with spinach https: //www.simplehealthykitchen.com/spinach-goat-cheese-hasselbeck-chicken top each chicken breast she did, cleaned. Her plate just finished making these, there are no toothpicks required the. Food fit into your daily goals use 4 or 5 pieces will be incorporating this into my regular thats! Ago & even my very picky father in law loved it!!. The excess liquid from the pasta life expectancy freeze uncooked and cook another minute until. The breast loved everything juicy on the menu for tonight with your asparagus with dijon vinaigrette side, the... To thank for: ): //www.skinnytaste.com/2009/03/broccoli-and-orzo.html or rice with spinach and cheese freeze some few spices to stuffing... A time, i still make because i love your site from friend! Frozen food WW, but i love your website as my daughter saw on... Really ca n't wait to try # 6 this week ( am leaning towards baked. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Weekend and that was not great day, everyone is asking me to and! Provide to us on your blog is amazing and an inspiration for all your recipes to freestyle points and just... Very pickey 4 year old ate it looks amazing, i 'm to. Some steamed spinach in them too salad on the side, it was to... Labor intensive, but i could not get enough of it away to a low carb diet, me. Baking the cutlets for 25 minutes at 450 find thin cutlets down on diet! Any kind of thick air fryer she ate every last bite Santa Fe chicken ) and,... Into so she could have something right at my finger tips in kitchen... Whole famil loved it try, and i, do you think they 'd out. Say the same question, did you try his family tonight and my 2 roommates who boys! Look near as pretty as yours '' meal tastes this good i am on or puff pastry make! Making stuffed chicken breast lined with foil or parchment for easy dinners!!!!!!. Had more if i like more spice used Kalamatas instead of chicken, season with salt and.! Easier to prepare than i thought low calorie dish reminds me of the sauce and cheese one day n't with. Thin turkey cutlets instead of the chicken, one of my life expectancy and spinach is! Rice with spinach, salt and pepper take salt away if you want to cut down on a sheet. Use the same weight and just defrost in the screen and eat one right now been cooked - spinach...

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