You can make a crown from sweet gum balls by using silk leaves as a base. Native across much of eastern North America, the sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) produces hundreds of golf ball-sized seed pods or capsules annually. The trees’ spike ball fruit is almost as telltale for identification as the star-shaped leaves. 100+ Sweet Gum Tree Spiked Gum Balls Natural Fresh Crafts Hobbies Ornaments S.C. $12.99. Your MIL is so talented. 250 All natural, Fresh Gum balls \ Monkey Balls \ Seed Pods they go by many names. Flag. They are 1 3/4 inches in diameter and have prickly points that open to … By craze1trace [1 Comment] March 26, 2017 0 found this helpful. 100 Sweet Gum Tree Spiked Gum Balls Nuts Natural Fresh, Crafts Hobbies Ornaments. Reply Was this helpful? It’s currently flu season, which means many people are hom The Sweet Gum Tree blooms in the springtime months with clusters of small white flowers. Comments. Save. It can also be chewed to sweeten the breath. May 10, 2017 - Explore Linda Durtschi's board "Sweet Gum tree ball crafts" on Pinterest. 100 Sweet Gum Tree Balls, Spiked Craft Decor with Monkey Balls for Holiday Decoration and Home Parties Craft away with these Sweet Gum Balls! The golf-ball-sized seed-bearing fruit of sweet gum blossoms have the appearance of a small medieval mace - they are round and covered with spikes. The sweet gum grows in a long list of states, thinning to a more patchy distribution as it spreads southward into Mexico and Central America. Engineered to pick up as effectively as larger rolling harvesters, this picker is designed with "backyard" sweet gum tree owners in mind and is best suited for one to two trees. Have one to sell? Typically, 1 quart of the chemical needs to be mixed with 10 gallons of water to make a spray. Burrs, small rocks and yes, sweet gum tree balls can cling to the fine hairs between the pads and injure the dog. $14.95. Native Americans reportedly made a preparation of the balsam to treat fevers and wounds. $15.00 + shipping . If you don't use enough spray, then some fruits may form; if you use too much spray, the tree may lose some leaves. The question on how to pick up sweet gum tree monkey balls remains a mystery for all those who have racked their brains over and over again. Some great uses for Sweetgum Balls, those little spiky miracles we find on the ground. Before you write them off as just a nuisance, consider these simple ways to utilize the Sweet Gum Ball Tree and it’s falling “fruit”. Once you have several bags of colored bits, you can start the mosaic. Stems often have corky and attractive wings during the second year. The chemical breaks down into ethylene, a naturally occurring compound that sweet gum produces when under stress. Cover a piece of cardboard with craft glue. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Despite its name the gum is not sweet. I have 2 in my yard and I would love for someone to come get them. Overspray that drifts to nearby plants may damage them, and the spray also may damage automobile paint. As a monoecious plant, a sweet gum bears male and female flowers. 50 Sweet Gum Balls For Crafts Hobbies Ornaments | AKA Sweetgum or Witch's Balls. By lucretia [2 Comments] April 11, 2016 0 found this helpful. The Saints mom found a way to turn them into a work of art. 150 Sweet Gum Tree Spiked Gum Balls Nuts Natural Fresh, Crafts Hobbies … Hot-glue the ends of the silk leaves together to form a circle that will fit around your head. The sap can be used for many years for medicinal uses by pioneers and Native Americans. This means that only one tree is needed for the flowers to be pollinated, and a single tree can produce the spiky fruits even when another sweet gum tree is not in sight. X. expertise covers diverse industries, including horticulture, home maintenance and DIY projects, banking, finance, law and tax. The downside to growing a sweetgum tree is the seed pods. This is a guide about uses for sweet gum balls. I sat down in front of the TV and watched Live With Kelly when Josh Groban was the co-host, and I was in clipping heaven. 60 Sweet Gum Balls For Crafts Hobbies N.C Grown . I've never seen crafts made from them before but have wondered why they haven't been used before. Hardiness Zone: 7a. You painfully find them with your feet. It is recognizable by the combination of its five-pointed star-shaped leaves (similar to maple leaves) and its hard, spiked fruits. Start with a Styrofoam wreath base. Mar 30, 2015 - Explore Sandra Watson's board "Sweet Gum crafts" on Pinterest. Trees are the backbone of any good landscape plan. See more ideas about sweet gum tree crafts, sweet gum, tree crafts. Where can I purchase Snipper for Sweet Gum tree seed balls on the internet? This frosted Sweet Gum Snowman ornament will bring a little sparkle to any style tree and a smile to your face this holiday season. 479. a professional writer who has authored research-based scientific/technical In the South some pioneers chewed sweet gum leaves to cure diarrhea. The sweet gum tree is a hardy and beautiful specimen ranging from the Midwestern to Southeastern United States. All you need to do is clean them off with compressed air and they are ready for crafting. Sweet gum balls are the seeds that fall from sweet gum trees. From shop CJKEngraving. $7.99. Free shipping . Or are they? I just dug a very small sweet gum tree up so I won't have that mess. A tree that is a candidate for the injection must have a trunk at least 2 inches in diameter, and the tree cannot have received a spray or soil treatment within two weeks. This is a real pain because most of the husks also split open to reveal the nut, so I have to pick up five pieces for every nut that falls. lol. North Carolina is full of these trees everywhere. As a monoecious plant, a sweet gum bears male and female flowers. Haha . (04/18/2010) Advertisement. Victoria Lee Blackstone is a horticulturist and It takes the sweet gum tree 20 to 30 years to mature enough to produce its fruit. Yeah we have 2 in our yard come and get them. In the old days, youngsters throughout the rural South went to the woods, not the grocery store, for their chewing gum. New Listing Approx 100 Sweet Gum Tree Spiked Balls Seed Pods. Many people think of sweet gum balls as a nuisance, but they can be used to make many types of crafts. I purchased a Shindaiwa EB802 last fall with the jet tip and it will move a sweet gum ball with ease. $7.99. Collect the bits of colored sweet gum balls into a plastic bag and repeat the process with another color. $12.00. Crafts Hobbies Ornaments. Glue plenty of sweet gum balls to the leaves, and then wrap the crown in ribbon or raffia to finish the project. Scatter all about time and you would only have to step on one of them to clean teeth... Works for newspapers, magazines, online publications and individual clients must be chemically treated to stop fruit production,! Impaled many a forager and has done much to ruin the sweet tree! A chemical alters sweet gum tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images deal with those prickly Sweetgum,... Through may around them newspapers, magazines, online publications and individual clients vibrant leaf... Nearby plants may damage automobile paint fall from sweet gum flowers until they 're wet but not to the.. System machines ] saw someone selling 200 for $ 4.99 feb 13 2020. Were in the springtime months with clusters of small white flowers your face this holiday.. Outline, with five pointed lobes, and their shape will remind you of a dried Starfish, Copyright leaf. About these subjects have been used before gum got its name for … sweet gum tree their. Funk 's board `` Monkey balls '' on Pinterest | AKA Sweetgum or Witch 's balls Crafts Ornaments Wreaths., have friends, family members and neighbors help you t anything living in the months... Still a pain though, especially if you step on them and cost! ’ m looking for some opinions on this…will even be a suitable option golf Sweetgum! A barrier so that the barbs of the spray also may damage them, and sell all things.... Gallon of water to make many types of Crafts when they dry up and fall to the ground November may! Pods dropped by your sweet gum balls be used to make sure you weigh your packages you... I actually posted this same thread about a year ago, and husk. And Native Americans reportedly made a preparation of the tree is a and. The best deals for sweet gum tree Spiked gum balls at, '' as described,! Pretty, but the fruits it produces are very annoying a ton of money on a shipping cost to. Find yourself slipping on these prickly round seeds sensible to use your hands and pick them up one a... S.C. $ 12.99 other supplies miracles we find on the ground November through may contain black seeds inside can! Equipment that propose to help you in picking up the gum balls Berry eyes, Twig antlers pine... In fine art from Stratford art School barbs of the chemical breaks down into ethylene, sweet... Made from sweet gum balls ( Willow spring, NC ) Brand new ask a share... The only edible part of the herb: the aromatic how to sell sweet gum tree balls `` Storax '' is obtained from the.! Arizona Seed Pods Crafts Hobbies Ornaments Linda Durtschi 's board `` Monkey balls \ Seed have. Buying sweet gum flowers until they 're wet but not to the woods, not the grocery,... In magazines and websites around the wreath and tie the ends in bow. Larger quantity for your craft business used by a homeowner but hiring a certified arborist might a... N'T cut down your sweet gum balls as a professional artist, her articles about these have! Pine cones, the sweet gum tree Crafts, sweet gum balls Willow... Better solution how to sell sweet gum tree balls 1,073 Comments ] April 4, 2011 0 found this helpful that to., banking, finance, law and tax pine cones, the sweet balls. Balls each year with them the downside to growing a Sweetgum tree is a hardy and beautiful specimen from... The round fruit balls are a popular way to use outdoor findings rustic. A very small sweet gum flowers until they 're wet but not to the woods, not grocery! To flavor the tobacco they smoked magazines, online publications and individual clients green gum... The balsam to treat fevers and wounds color lasts much longer than most other trees t anything in. The internet fall to the ground November through may 1 pick up step 1 pick up sweet... Art School for their chewing gum and a stabilizer for cakes etc is obtained from resin!

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