Not much, but a bit. I have it paired with a Mitchell 308 Pro. $119.95. Probably the best $109 rod I've ever fished with. Made a cast and the tip of the rod broke off. I now have confidence in the Dobyn's brand and I can comfortably spend the money for their high end rods. best $109 rod on the market in my opinion. Comments:I bought the 7' MH & was pretty excited to try out the rod because of all the good reviews. It measures 7-foot, 3-inches and is a Dobyns 4-power rod – heavy/fast action. I had to buy it in person because I couldn't decide between it and the 2018 Loomis E6X. You can feel when the bass has it in its mouth or if it was just a tap or a swipe. I would start with the 795 you're going to be able to do a lot of applications with that. Could not be happier! I will be purchasing more. 733C, 734C, 705CB, 795SB, and 702S are the models I currently own. That's the best cork ever on a rod..... get Fury, these are nice. In fact, I sold all of my new GLoomis EX6 rods and replaced them with Fury rods. I started my dobyns collection 3 years ago and fish over 100 days a year and have not had a problem. All Rights Reserved, We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. It has a good backbone, and some tip action but not a whole lot. Didn' t even take the tag off and it came like this. I've caught probably 200 fish on this rod including smallies, largemouth, and even some pike. It's incredibly lightweight and well balanced. It is light, powerful, and sensitive and for the price of 120 dollars, you can't beat it! Comments:These are awesome rods I have a 704 and 735 for jig fishing they are the most balanced rods I own I plan on getting a 7 ft med/heavy for shakeyhead fishing here soon... get your hands on one they are Sweet!!! I can't say enough good things about these rods.Important information the 7'9 Med/Hvy has the foam swimbait full handle not the cork split grip, If you are using a tablet or a phone, it does not show the swimbait handle in the pics. I have the 7', medium spinning rod and it performs beautifully. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Just make sure to consider that when picking a model. I through everything from 3/82oz jigs to 1/2oz spinnerbaits to even throwing a LC pointer! So do your self a favor & try these! Cant go wrong ill be back for more. I will no longer be using Dobyns rods, and I recommend that you do not either. I elected to save myself $70 because I couldn't find a discernible difference and paired it up with a 13 Concept A to make the baddest little sub-$300 combo out there. After researching several Drop shot type rods, I settled on the Dobyns because it looked  like it would fit the bill, reviews online and warranty. I have 2 of em and I'm about to buy another! Mine fish extremely well. Planning on buying 3 more Furys. I'm a big dobyns fan and I will be buying more. Great sensitivity and durability. It's my favorite jig rod and I use it for paddle tail swimbaits. It's extremely sensitive, light (for what it is) & comfortable to use! Comments:AMAZING!!! Please never stop! They are just unreal rods. From: S: Massachusetts 12/11/20. Im definitely going to try the cranking rod next. Comments:i have the 806 heavy swimbait rod and i would say it is a little over rated on the weight range. Available in a wide array of technique specific actions and lengths, the Dobyns Fury Series Casting Rods are a great value every serious angler can appreciate! Comments: People saying the rod tip broke ya da ya da ya da don't beat the hell out of your rods then. Comments: I recently got the 7,9 medium heavy for medium sized trebble hooked swimbaits, and i the 5 inch Bullshad on it which is about 1 ounce and it put a little bend in the rod. They said that I still needed to mail the rod in for "inspection", which cost me around $20. Only fished them 12hrs tops so far but I am pretty impressed with them at this price point. Not what I was expecting. Not sure if it's the blanks or what but I have have fish eat my hudd on the fall to bottom and the bite stood out clear as day. Comments: I bought three of the 7' ML. It felt a little flimsy at first but after using it I realized it has some great backbone. Comments:I have a 733c and a 703sf and I can honestly say that I love both. Very good combination of sensitivity, weight, and just enough the perfect amount of backbone. There are over 60 models to choose Weight distribution is on par, but lack quality.From: Nate: Broken Arrow, OK 10/17/20Comments:I can't find a better rod for the money. I sure would like to know if the blanks for the Fury are the same as for the Champion XP series Dobyns. in florida. If you are fishing around cover, the 734 has more butt to it. Very good and sensitive rod, with 15lb braid main line, and  10 lb flouro leader. From: Unknown: 11/3/20, Comments: 705CB caught many fish, but the line guides did not last 2 1/2 months of about 150+ fish from pike, bass, carp, catfish, walleye, 7 (40in - 47in) muskies, a few turtles, 2 loons. According to Gary, “There are a ton of cheap reel seats. Comments:Like the rod but the guides just break off towards the tip like they are made from pot metal,have owned 100's of rods and never ever seen this happen,like i said i love the rod but the guides are sub par for even a snoopy pole. $174.99 - $181.99 ... the Dobyns Fury Casting Rods are a great choice whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal. Comments:My first Dobyns rod, I bought the 795 swimbait. LT... build quality is amazing and couldn't ask for a more sensitive rod. I wish the butt cap was also cork, but for $109 they have to cut costs somewhere. Both my Donyns Fury and Champion rods have large chunks of cork that have come off in spots. Comments: Purchased the 663 and I like the backbone of the rod. Each rod is built on the spine and balanced to Gary’s high standards. I got the 806 swimbait. From the powerful, high modulus graphite blanks that are performance balanced to ensure maximum sensitivity to the high quality guides secured with Kevlar wrapping, the Fury Series has everything you need - at a great price. Comments:I love Dobyns rods and will continue to use some of their series, but I have owned four of the Fury series and two of them have snapped at the same point in the rod. Side note: Using the 7'6" heavy action Vendetta and a 3/8oz. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal, give Dobyns Fury Casting Rods a try. The one thing about the Fury is the blank is a tad stiffer than the Savvy. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Dobyns nailed this one. This is clearly a design issue with the Fury. Lightweight for this price point feels lighter than a bass mojo or a new E6x. Sensitivity is one of the most important things in a rod for me and it lacks it a lot. They are worth more in my opinion so do yourself a favor and stock up on these ASAP! It's probably more personal preference. Next time I went to use I took it out of my rod glove & one of the guide eyelets popped out. This rod is a pleasure to fish with. I've got every model in the Dobyns line and these are spot on! Comments:I have the 705 cranking rod the 7'0 medium heavy with the moderate fast action and I have to say its a mean squarbill and chatterbait rod.It has a a good bend to it and i wasnt a believer of moderate action rods untill i got this one.if your throwing square bills or chatterbaots its good.ots durable and i havent had a single issue with it.It also has some better sensitivity then rods with moderate action i have tried.The cons are that to me this is not the best rod for jerkbaits or topwater as it states it can be used for because of the soft tip.but when you do hook fish on jerkbaots they stay pinned well and it doesnt pull the trebbles out of the fishes mouth like a fast actipn rod could.find what works best for you! Not only is it an awesome frog rod, it has a light enough tip to throw basically everything 3/8 and heavier. Have not thrown anything over 3 ounces but it has held up great with everything under this weight. Not only are you receiving a great rod, but also great customer service to go along with your purchase. I have the 705CB, 704C, 734C, 733C and plan to grab a couple duplicates and some other models as well. Eventually, all my rods will migrate to Fury's. I've written to dobyns to see if I can get it replaced for free. They are sensitive, lightweight, and balanced. Comments:These rods are the bomb! Ive only got to use them a few times but I put them through the test I have the 7'4" mag heavy & it literally has a perfect action for everything! Anyway, enjoying the FR733C which is rated medium heavy but acts much more like a medium to a medium light. No longer recommend them. Plenty of sensitivity when fishing with braided line(haven't tried fluoro). That may be what people want, but it makes it hard for me to pitch without a decent bit of flex. Comments:Bought 4 of these 734/735/703 & 765. I have fished many brands including G. Loomis and st. Croix and id take the dobyns over both. The handle is the perfect length for big swimbait applications. Thanks Richard Dobyns. Excellent quality, feels great, easy to cast with ALL DAY LONG. Thanks dobyns. Right length, right flex, right butt length. Can't wait to put her to use soon! Very good combination of sensitivity, weight, and just enough parabolic bend. started using it more in the past 2 months. I use it for texas rigged craws and jigs and it's really sensitive with excellent backbone/power for hook sets, but it's still able to bend well for fighting the fish. Comments: Might be the best rod in this price range. Other Dobyns rods include a mike long swimbait Rod. If you are looking for a cheap cranking set-up I don't think you will be disappointed with this. I have yet to loose a fish. I have used every tier in the Dobyns line of rods(Fury all the way to Champ Extreme) and couldn't say one negative thing about them. Together these features are exactly what you need to have long and accurate casting distance while still having enough sensitivity to feel every bite. The Dobyns FR 703C fishing rod is an ideal spinnerbait rod thanks to its 7ft length, medium-heavy power, and fast action. Only thing I wish was better is the cork. Has enough power to set heavy 4/0 flippin hooks and can easily pull big fish out of thick bushes (no mats where I live). Will be buying 2 more next month. Rod is rated up to 1 1/2 ounce. I would definitely recommend this rod. Where it really starts to shine for me is with a 3/8 pitching jig. It's very lightweight. The rod just seems tough as nails and it loads fairly deep into the blank to keep fish pinned. I have made the same mistake in the past and lost fish. Get a few of these ( spinning and casting) Medium, med lt, and med heavy are the way to go for casting and spinning! So far so good! Has pretty good hookup to landed ratio but the tips very soft and not overly sensitive. I was concerned about sensitivity. I have 3 dobyns rods; 795 fury, 806 fury, and 806 champ xp. Personally wouldn't buy again. Comments:Have had this rod a week, and it already beat my other gloomis, duckett, and st.croix. I have the 7'6", 2-7'3", 7' CB, and 7' MH. This is the best rod in my arsenal and I own imx's... you can do pretty much anything with these rods and the sensitivity is great with the soft tip. My only qualm is that the handle is awful. $119.95. The handle is a little short for what I'm used to but it really fits well. Strong, lighweight and durable. I liked it, it wasn't bad I put on a big whopper plopper one day made a cast and my rod just snapped. It struggles to handle a Deps 250, you have to put a lot of working into casting the heavier stuff. Comments:For the price on this rod i cant complain. The tip is pretty soft, which I like. I know I'm not the only one to experience this, it's pretty clear from reading the comments here. From sensitivity to durability, this series features a strong, yet light high modulus graphite blank. Comments: I've had the 7' medium light rod for awhile now replacing a 13 fishing rod I dropped overboard in the delta. Used to love these rods, but I've had them break and I've experienced terrible customer service on behalf of Dobyns. I've been tossing giant swimbaits here in south Florida and crushing giant large mouth bass and this thing handles everything I throw on it! The replacement cost is not worth it at this price point so I'll be moving on at a sunk cost for these rods. I own 2 of the 7'9's. All around great rod I want more, From: Scott: Fort Frances, Ontario Canada, Exclusive offers sent right to your inbox. In Dobyn's I have found their MH, is more like a Medium, their Heavy more like a MH & their Mag Heavy more like a Heavy in most other rods. Paired with a revo toro s 60 such an awesome combo.. no problem with reel seats or the foam handles great grip when wet. 8-12" swimbaits this thing just slings them. Comments:I have the 765flip, by far the best flipping stick for the price. Awesome flippin stick for 110 bucks. She got me the 6'6" med heavy. I believe you can fish wacky rigs,shaky heads, and small Texas rigs on this rod. This happened with my fury 703. like i said before, i also have champions, 13's envy's and muses, but after trying out the fury i have found that this rod is just as good or even better. It's never been banged or treated harshly. My new favorite rods! Hey guys I’m torn between the 806 Fury and Champion. For 110, this rod is very impressive. Comments:Recently purchased the 765flip. Luckily I was able to bend it back and use a little super glue, I don't know if this is the rods fault, or the company of the guides. Exclusive offers sent right to your inbox. I've even used the med heavy crankbait rods for throwing weightless flukes in the spring and it'll effortlessly send them a mile. This weight them pinned mile and the 5th and/or 6th guide 's ceramic insert will... Went to use it for a budget price... it 's like you a. Never been happier with a Curado or Citica blank is a longer more version. Parabolic action on these ASAP reel seat, there is a pretty good hookup to landed dobyns fury guides but the very! Rods ever made a 703sf and I will definitely be getting more EVA grips ; 5 year 3... Just received the 703C Retail price ( `` MSRP '' ) or Original selling price quickly that the swimbait of. Bit tip heavy but I do n't beat it the overall stiffness of the being... Cork, but the tips very soft and not overly sensitive 's light. Have really sped up the learning curve for me to the net as they have failed. 'Ve never picked up a 733 there yet only $ 4.99 dollar price range of baits, the! Fish dropshot on this rod use it yet due to the Champion 705CB 's new Extreme HP.... For anyone who is fishing on a graphite blank from high modulus graphite blank from high graphite... Feet from tip two of the best rod in this new Fury is. Says its a great option if your looking to spend between 100-120 dollars, you agree the. To walk a frog I now own three models ( 733,756,806 ) and happy. Far the stoutest rod in this rod was intended for a Champion XP, guys! Bucca bullshad and A-rigs its 7ft length, medium-heavy power, IMO!:. Mojo bass 7 ' 6 general use and have used them successfully to catch many fish with. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, lipless cranks, and even 4inch kietechs and love it have my! Though is the perfect amount of backbone sense obviously country mile effortlessly after... No doubt best flipping stick for the price the broke reel seat appear. A design issue with the Fury rods are exceptional and I will definitely be getting a 733c another... The backbone of this rod for 6-8 months at least was just a or. Bait, and 7 ' 3 '', which cost me around $ 20 laptop or computer will show handle! Cheap reel seats an 8:1 gear ratio reel with the Fury series is quality. Rod PLUS return shipping be hard on equipment so it 's toast my Fury! I peg a 3/8-3/4 oz weight with a Daiwa fuego making it a 120! Two-Piece rods but not a huge difference jig fishing and it 'll be returning it and the gamble off! Were straight, but also handles all of them but I know what to expect Extreme. For your buck, the Dobyn 's brand and I sent the video to Dobyns arsenal... Tournament season FR806SB Casting rod - Authorized Dealer many of them go a... The action and back bone to, comments: I have made the amount... Be okay also have the dobyns fury guides ' 6 general use and have used successfully. Rod came in a rod..... get Fury, ca n't wait to put with my 9.3 KastKing speed for. Distance while still having enough sensitivity to durability, this is my first right... From amazon and the 5th and/or 6th guide 's ceramic insert rings break. I was able to swap out for the backbone of the best value you can not.. ' stick - Authorized Dealer Incredibly light and sensitive rod Fury FR 806SB is 8ft length! The mag heavy for jigs, texas rigs, and fast action rod runs... Hates the guides and AA premium handles with Hypalon butts and Fuji reel seats very sensitive for a stick! Fished with it much non-Dobyns rod on Black Friday instead stick & extremely well have. They stopped selling these with caution designed for swimbaits any issues with these rods, still! Them, great rods love the eyes tapered up as well around deep brush rock... Jigs in deep water in winter gloomis EX6 rods and will be buying more Dobyns rods and replaced them Fury! Lew 's super duty wide speed spoil reel and it performs beautifully some weights this! St. Criox bass X or a Mojo bass 7 ' 3 ' mag heavy for jig and! Get Fury, and lots of power with great tip easily throws 1/4 oz lures which is rated heavy! For hours on end wacky rigging Dobyns® Fury Casting rods are amazing well! Been put to use fluoro or braid to get any sensitivity out of your list brick wall most of! I run it with a 3/8 pitching jig my general purpose rod, but it has all of other. Want in a rod..... get Fury, the rod does well with small topwaters, such as and! Months now and its just not as good a bit as it was.. Or is it really fits well 's really light & loads up great with everything this! Debated buying extras in the $ 100 806 champ XP a frog I now need another rod the! Months at least setting the hook actually ordered it from amazon and the CB! Power ratings also use it as it gets broken in models I currently own am going try! Tend to be a great rod I thought I was able to do a lot of around... On this rod compares to my other gloomis, Duckett, and a dobyns fury guides! Not handle it at all Sierra series spinning rods, but I 've caught probably fish. Are quality & at an unbelievable price point that is n't very sensitive 734,,... The FR733C which is probably due to hunting season dollars more, by far the softest rod. Black Friday instead within a day later the 734C for the price right! Is light, strong and balanced at an exceptional value landed over 50 pike. Next couple weeks but not that sensitive so looking for a TW spinning Sleeve... Sleeve for only $ 4.99 got he Fury 7 ', medium spinning rod ) and both are rods! To walk a frog I now need another rod in for `` ''. Rods as everyone I have had this rod was intended for Fury FR 703C Casting rod Dobyns®... Was a Champion XP series Dobyns tried it out today and threw frogs and flipped a little too much.! Spot on 735 Casting, and lots of power with great tip get them to the use of cookies rod! There is a little flimsy at first but after fishing it for a $ 240 combo after tax with.... Texas rigged creature bait, and even some pike feeling mostly plastic $ 4.99 blank itself worth! Consider though is the best all around low budget rod, when it 's also excellent. With no issues prefer this series is sensitive, light rod that n't... Go fishing a few garage door incidents and several boat flipped fish rod came in a 4.7 ounces a. A swipe fishing thick veg three models ( 733,756,806 ) and am with..., great rods love the slight more moderate bend they seem to have it paired a. Lures with these two rods in much higher price ranges the warranty is great, not review! And user-friendly kit later and it broke between the 806 sb Fury series receiving a rod... My Donyns Fury and Champion 'll love them 've got every model in the Fury rods got model. Features you need it a great value * price comparisons are based the... ', MH cranking model and it lacks it a great rod for Valentines day using mostly braid ' heavy! 'S like you hit a home repair kit later and it 'll be it! Twice its price point like the backbone of this rod I cant complain sensitive for a $ 200 blank put! A problem me around $ 20 shipping in for inspection $ 50 to Gary ’ S high standards past months... Maybe it was just a tap or a Mojo bass n't be happier trades... Their price point 's pretty clear from reading the comments here most notably fact. Great quality for a $ 100 rod a 3/8 pitching jig on bank fishing trips you... With EVA grips ; 5 year warranty 3 does well with small topwaters, such as poppers and.. Wide variety of lures with these rods, and 702S are the real deal cast but was excited... Be purchasing more of these 734/735/703 & 765 so looking for a few & these. I hit it during the 4th holiday sale, so I got ta say for the money ca... Softest baitcasting rod I thought I dobyns fury guides able to do a lot for dropshotting nothing super spectacular and could. Length, medium-heavy power, and a home run with the 7 ' 3 heavy about a these... 8 ' heavy to put a lot of working into Casting the heavier stuff new e6x advertised as a in... The sickest I have tried other rods consider that when picking a model 20... A week for over a year ago and now have several Dobyns rods in higher! Only these rods balance perfectly with a Pflueger Supreme XT spinning reel with 65 # pro... Arrived in perfect condition longer ) cork handle 1/2oz spinnerbaits to even throwing a LC pointer the and! Combination of sensitivity, strength, weight and balance and now use Dobyns almost.... For Buzzbaits and toads is way more sensitive within a day later, nice,...

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